I have great news to share! My new Ebook titled, “The Psychology of Natural Childbirth,” is now online and ready to be shared with everyone.

I wrote this book to share with other women how it is possible to give birth free of drugs or unnecessary medical intervention. I believe the information I share will be able to help any woman who may be pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant. No matter how much knowledge you have about the labor process, you will learn something from this book.

So, to honor Pregnancy Awareness Month, visit my site at www.NaturalChildbirthTips.com.

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Happy New Year everyone!

Like me, you may have chosen to live healthier in many areas than you did in 2009. Stress, busy-ness, and fatigue all seem to contribute to poor attention to our health. Having a child in February, 2009 definitely put me off course in the area of regular exercise…

Well I have made sure that I will focus on exercise and involve the whole family in living a healthy lifestyle.

Here is a great article about certain foods that have lost their nutritional value over the years to cheap production and cost-cutting.

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Holistic Medicine-How a Flu Shot Almost Took a Life

You may have heard the story of Washington Redskins cheerleader Desiree Jennings who was injured by a flu shot vaccine; however, the mainstream media never gives you the complete story.

Desiree was in the prime of her life (mid-20s) and she was an avid runner and athlete. Apparently, she received a flu shot and quickly began to develop a neurological problem called Dystonia.

During this time, she was unable to breathe and suffered seizures every minute. Her family was preparing for her to die!

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Halloween '09

I have discovered how to make this frozen treat at just the right time!

Joel has been teething a lot the past few days. Right now, at almost 9 months, he has two lower teeth and 2 top teeth coming in quickly(and boy is he crawling!). He has seemed to be a lot less fussy with these top teeth in comparison to the lower ones.

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I have totally avoided the blogosphere for more than a month!!heart_belly

This summer, my husband Jeremy and I decided that it would be great if I wrote an eBook on my experience with Natural Childbirth. I learned SO MUCH while I was pregnant with my son Joel, so why not share all of that great information with other newly pregnant women who want options available with childbirth?

So, I spent about 6 weeks

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